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What is the meaning of reclaimable in Hindi?

Meaning of reclaimable in Hindi is : सुधारने योग्य

Definition of word reclaimable

  • Capable of being reclaimed; reformed or tamed. (adjective)

Examples of word reclaimable

  • Visit the neighborhoods where half the houses are empty, vandalized and then leveled by the city because they are no longer of reclaimable.
  • So is the Democratic Party reclaimable? or worth the trouble of doing so?
  • Their EcoVeil shadecloth is the first Cradle to Cradle shadecloth that can be reclaimable and recyclable.
  • Whilst it is reclaimable, it is not instantly payable and there is a net loss associated with it overall.
  • Villages, hotels and the airport were also identified as potential sources of reclaimable waste suitable for tree crops and pasture irrigation.
  • By it, by the very constitution of a country which proudly boasts of freedom, three millions of intelligent and responsible beings are reduced to the level of mere property — property legally reclaimable, too, in the Free States by an act called the Fugitive
  • There was a time that Mr. Lovelace was thought reclaimable, and when it was far from being deemed a censurable view to hope to bring back to the paths of virtue and honour, a man of his sense and understanding.
  • Grandet, as long as his wife lives is reclaimable — just reclaimable.
  • He could hardly forgive her active participation in the murder, but he need not consider this now, and the ghost's admonition to leave her to the work ings of her conscience plainly implies that the ghost too thinks she is reclaimable.
  • The reclaimable swamp lands of the United States east of the Rocky