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What is the meaning of recess in Hindi?

Meaning of recess in Hindi is : स्थगित करना

Definition of word recess

  • A break, pause or vacation. (noun)
    एक विराम, विराम या अवकाश।
  • To inset into something, or to recede. (verb)
    किसी चीज में घुसना, या पीछे हटना।
  • Remote, distant (in time or place). (adjective)
    दूर, दूर (समय या स्थान में)।

Examples of word recess

  • The second session provides for the suspension of an officer during the recess, and for a temporary appointment _during the recess_.
  • FRANKEN: OK, first of all, I love the term recess appointment.
  • Additionally the term recess is often at issue, originally the Senate was only in session for six months out of the year.
  • That means the Senate remains in "recess" for purposes of the recess appointment power, despite the empty formalities of the individual senators who wield the gavel in pro forma sessions.
  • Bitching about how long the Senate chamber has to be empty for it to be a "recess" is so petty.
  • Or rather a discussion of how recess is becoming more of a luxury than a staple.
  • Furthermore, a compromise on liability language, the one hold-up before the August recess, is within reach.