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What is the meaning of receiver in Hindi?

Meaning of receiver in Hindi is : समापक

Definition of word receiver

  • A person who receives something. (noun)
    एक व्यक्ति जो कुछ प्राप्त करता है।

Examples of word receiver

  • In order that they may have both of their hands free to set up and take down the connections and to perform all of the switching operations required, a special form of receiver is employed for this purpose, which is worn as a part of a head-gear and is commonly termed a _head receiver_.
  • A type of receiver has come into wide use as a result, which is commonly called the _direct-current receiver_, deriving its name from the fact that it employs the direct current that is flowing in the common-battery line to magnetize the receiver cores.
  • Needs to use his hands with more force in attempts to press and jam before the receiver is able to get into the route ...
  • Today the basic HD receiver is not the 500 but the 505
  • Each receiver is tied to an account, and must be released from that account by the account-holder of record.
  • Another person should standby at the television to see if the receiver is receiving good quality signals.
  • The receiver is as bad as the thief, you know; and you needn't console yourself with any fictitious moral superiority concerning this little deal.
  • The receiver is as bad as the thief — aye, and the thief is finer than the receiver; he at least has the courage to run the risk.