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What is the meaning of reat in Hindi?

Meaning of reat in Hindi is :

Definition of word reat

Examples of word reat

  • Here cui introduces the subordinate clause possit and connects it with philosophia; but cui is governed by pāreat, which is subordinate to possit.
  • "Life is good, life is g reat" From the Lee & Tiffney show.
  • Some detainees will go to Yemen, the reat will be settled in America.
  • I think its a reat idea just that with some of todays super lines and leaders you have to watch that you dont cut the fish or it get to tangled in the line.
  • Brubaker did a reat job selling him as a great new better cap.
  • So, the purple the singular has gray pants. we made the purple the pullover, with the largest striking upon the front the full mutated wildcats script as well as trademark from the friends opposite the water during Wakefield Trinity. we opted to ret! reat the regular hat, with the wildcat trademark upon the core of the hat, with CHS upon the brim.
  • He was great in Grind, reat in Cloverfield, and looks really good in Out of our leauge,,,
  • Jan 15th, 2010 at 6: 58 pm stevenp: reat find; sounds awesome.