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What is the meaning of reasonable in Hindi?

Meaning of reasonable in Hindi is : स‌ंगत

Definition of word reasonable

  • Just; fair; agreeable to reason. (adjective)

Examples of word reasonable

  • The conversation at first consisted of mutual declarations of disposition to reasonable accommodations, but I suppose each party had its own ideas of what should be meant by _reasonable_.
  • In case you're wondering, according to the bill, "The term 'reasonable profit' means the amount determined by the Reasonable Profits Board to be a reasonable profit on the sale."
  • They have no concept of what the term reasonable means.
  • Troy Davis' case will be used in law school as the textbook definition of the phrase "reasonable doubt," yet it was somehow beyond our collective will to spare his life.
  • The analysts credited what they called a "reasonable" valuation and stronger signs in the home-improvement sector.
  • GOP leaders say Democrats are sabotaging the deal while planning to blame Republicans by refusing to accept what they call reasonable funding ideas, such as an increase in Medicare premiums for some wealthy beneficiaries.
  • In March, the company disclosed an estimated $3.4 billion for what it calls "reasonable" and "upper end" legal losses from the pending cases—or just about under half of the company's net income in 2010.
  • And those weak links are what we call reasonable doubt.
  • LAWRENCE: And that balance, according to the president, credit card companies are able to make what he called reasonable profit, and consumers don't end up in a bad situation -- Wolf.
  • Despite lowering his forecast, he kept a buy recommendation on the stock, citing what he called reasonable valuation.