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What is the meaning of ratio in Hindi?

Meaning of ratio in Hindi is : स्टॉइकियोमीट्री अनुपात

Definition of word ratio

  • A number representing a comparison between two things. (noun)
    दो चीजों के बीच तुलना का प्रतिनिधित्व करने वाली संख्या।

Examples of word ratio

  • These laws are often stated thus: the ratio of the octave to the fundamental is as two is to one; that of the major third as five is to four; that of the perfect fifth as three is to two, and so on through the entire series of pitches embraced within the octave, the _ratio_ being of course the same for all octaves.
  • When a ratio is duplicate of another ratio» the point/defcribes the difference of the terms in a double time*
  • Avoid confusion with actual numbers by using the word ratio or a phrase such as a 2-to-1 majority, rather than a 2-to-1 vote in the Senate or the like.
  • It issued new talking points approved by the legal departement, telling spokespeople to say that calcium and magnesium are not important in a sports drink — only tiny amounts of these minerals are lost through sweat, and the tinier amounts in ION4 (remember that the ratio is the same, not the content) provide no material benefit.
  • If you take out the illegals that should be getting health care in the first place and then the people making more than 75k a year that can afford it themselves the ratio is about the same.
  • If the ratio is at 85% to 90% then a Public Option or early medicare buy-in is not necessary.
  • This ratio is also higher than 98% of all those taken during the past 12 months.