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What is the meaning of rapture in Hindi?

Meaning of rapture in Hindi is : हषोर्न्माद

Definition of word rapture

  • a prophesied sudden removal of Christian believers from the Earth before the Tribulation or simultaneous with the second coming of Jesus Christ (proper noun)

Examples of word rapture

  • The only think lacking in Rapture is a comfortable sense of the outside world which most books tend to offer.
  • The word Rapture appears nowhere in the actual, pre-Scofield Bible.
  • The term Rapture is used to refer to the faithful believers being taken up to meet Christ in the air as described in this passage written by the apostle Paul:
  • The Righties have been praying or telling us the Rapture is around the corner for years.
  • By reading my Bible and by reading science fiction, I came to the conclusion in middle school that the Rapture is an unbiblical doctrine.
  • Further, many of them expect to be "beamed up" in what they call the Rapture (and what I call the First Cut) to some five-star resort made of diaphanous angel hair.
  • The '' 'Rapture' '' (from the Greek word έκσταση, ekstasi) is