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What is the meaning of rapped in Hindi?

Meaning of rapped in Hindi is : जोर से मारना

Definition of word rapped

  • Simple past tense and past participle of rap. (verb)

Examples of word rapped

  • With one out, Valentin rapped his 22nd home run and Crede followed with his 15th.
  • A group of four youths from Cape Town "rapped" two songs about
  • The captain continues the bitter commentary for a moment before calming himself down, saying he knows that Jenko wouldn't have wanted them to get angry about his death, and himself would have "rapped" to them about balance in the cosmos "and some nonsense about karma."
  • That fearlessness has produced a lot of bad decisions - just recalling his rapped verses on "I Wanna Talk About Me" ages me a month - but it's also let him flip the bird at Nashville (Keith recently wooed fellow country hunk Trace
  • •ratings of continue to plunge, possibly because God is punishing the smug moderator of for his 2007 prancing around on stage at one of those incestuous Washington correspondents dinners while Karl Rove "rapped," a performance widely believed to be the nadir of Caucasian entertainment


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