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What is the meaning of rap in Hindi?

Meaning of rap in Hindi is : रैप संगीत बजाना

Definition of word rap

  • A sharp blow with something hard. (noun)
  • Blame (for something). (noun)
  • A casual talk (noun)
  • Rap music. (noun)
  • A song, verse, or instance of singing in the style of rap music. (noun)
  • Any of the tokens that passed current for a halfpenny in Ireland in the early part of the eighteenth century; thus, any coin of trifling value. (noun)
  • To strike something sharply with one's knuckles; knock. (verb)
  • To speak (lyrics) in the style of rap music. (verb)
  • To talk casually. (verb)

Examples of word rap

  • *Puts top bak on and raps wif ducktaip, rap rap rap rap*
  • Then the _contrabandista_ turned and walked sharply across the cavern-like chamber to overtake his men, and as he disappeared, distant but sharp and echoing _rap, rap, rap_, came the reports of firearms, and Punch looked sharply at his companion.
  • _Rap, rap, rap_, came now at the door, and a voice with a decided French accent, a voice that sounded familiar to me, said:
  • * just a liddle tuck and pat an some duckytape to hole ebeyting in plase *Striiippp – rap rap rap* now a fiddies style bafscap * Streeeccchhh snap* and a floofy blankey, some possum shape chonklits and done.
  • Jimmy Bourke, "with a final _rap, rap, rap_ of his pipe.