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What is the meaning of race in Hindi?

Meaning of race in Hindi is : होड़

Definition of word race

Examples of word race

  • The 2008 North American Champions Rick Merriman Phil Trinter (USA) had a solid command of second place throughout the race and Andre Mirsky and Marcelo Jordao (BRA), bettered their 6th place finish in Race 2 by finishing third today.
  • He published a collection of essays under the title Race Questions, Provincialism, and Other American Problems in 1908; another collection, entitled William James and Other Essays on the Philosophy of Life, appeared in 1911.
  • And, second, it foregrounds what I call the Race to Recovery.
  • On the blank beside the word Race, I wrote, “HUMAN.”
  • "What we've seen in far too many places under No Child Left Behind is that, due to political pressure, … states have dummied down standards [in] what we call a Race to the Bottom," Mr. Duncan said in a conference call with reporters following the last week's release of the fiscal 2011 budget plan.


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