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What is the meaning of quiz in Hindi?

Meaning of quiz in Hindi is : हंसी करना

Definition of word quiz

  • Something designed to puzzle one or make one ridiculous; banter; raillery. (noun)
    किसी को पहेली बनाने या हास्यास्पद बनाने के लिए डिज़ाइन किया गया कुछ; मजाक; रेलरी
  • To hoax. (verb)
    धोखा देना।

Examples of word quiz

    • He said, It is believed by many that the word quiz was made up in 1791 by a Dublin theater manager named Daly.
    • It seems like much of the quiz is about being ashamed of being online.
    • Again, the "pop quiz" is a more credible measure of actual voter competence.
    • The aim of the quiz is to test your grammar knowledge – as well as being fun, hopefully you may also learn something – you can click on the ‘Quiz’ button on the menu to be brought straight to the quizzes.
    • Part of the quiz is online and you can take it for yourself right here and see how you compare with Americans who took the quiz by gender, religious belief and education.
    • The interesting thing about the release of the prequels, as revealed through a Star Wars quiz, is that they greatly shift the focus of a franchise as a whole to Anakin as the primary hero, who redeems himself finally in “Jedi” after falling from grace.
    • Michael F. Cannon writes: per pauly and herring, i think your answer to #4 on the health policy quiz is wrong.
    • If that quiz is any indication, DFW failed in this regard.
    • One intrepid scripter rewrote a Facebook-purging Greasemonkey script to specialize in quiz blocking, leaving things you might actually care about behind.