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What is the meaning of qualifier in Hindi?

Meaning of qualifier in Hindi is : विशेषण

Definition of word qualifier

  • One who qualifies for something, especially a contestant who qualifies for a stage in a competition. (noun)
    वह जो किसी चीज के लिए अर्हता प्राप्त करता है, विशेषकर एक प्रतियोगी जो किसी प्रतियोगिता में एक मंच के लिए अर्हता प्राप्त करता है।

Examples of word qualifier

  • * Thanks, Jayack, for reminding me that a qualifier is needed.
  • Also, the final, additional qualifier is suspicious, too -- "for political advantage."
  • And I say again that where you have fiscal mismanagement the mismanagement will occur whether the levy qualifier is 50% + 1, 60%, or 99%.
  • This means that Dummett's "never" qualifier is unnecessary, and thus your objection to my argument breaks down.
  • The only qualifier is a 32hr work week, and it makes no distinction between the AVERAGE woman working 10hrs a week less than men, nor does it take into account such things as women taking time off for having children (averaged 5yrs out of career) nor does it take into account that the AVERAGE woman tends to retire at a younger than men.