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What is the meaning of punishment in Hindi?

Meaning of punishment in Hindi is : सजा

Definition of word punishment

  • The act or process of punishing, imposing and/or applying a sanction. (noun)
  • A penalty to punish wrongdoing, especially for crime. (noun)
  • A suffering by pain or loss imposed as retribution (noun)
  • Any treatment or experience so harsh it feels like being punished; rough handling (noun)

Examples of word punishment

  • Its tenor is, that a bill which proposed, as the punishment of an offence, to levy a certain pecuniary penalty, one half thereof to go to his Majesty and the other half to the informer, was altered in committee, in so far that, when it appeared in the form of an act, _the punishment_ was changed to whipping and imprisonment,
  • To say that the innocent can suffer under the administration of God, is to shock our sense of justice, and put out the light of the divine goodness; but it is all well if we only say that the punishment due to Adam’s sin is made, by the same good administration, to fall upon all his posterity _in the form of moral evil, and that then they are justly punished for this punishment_!
  • "If a supreme ruler, such as the Caliph for the time being, commit any offence punishable by law, such as whoredom, theft, or drunkenness, he is not subject to any punishment; but yet if he commit murder, he is subject to the law of retaliation, and he is also accountable in matters of property: because _punishment_ is a right of
  • Support for capital punishment is shorthand for this sentiment: Crime is not caused by society; culpability resides in guilty individuals, not flawed institutions.
  • I asked the psychologist who was teaching the course why the word punishment was conspicuously lacking in his lectures and the course materials.


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