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What is the meaning of pulsat in Hindi?

Meaning of pulsat in Hindi is :

Definition of word pulsat

Examples of word pulsat

  • As the ovoid continued to be absorbed into the pulsat-ing mass, their window on the outside world shrank proportionately.
  • [62] "Pallida mors aequo pulsat pede pauperum tabernas Regumque turres."
  • The stanza beginning "Le pauvre en sa cabane," is an admirable imitation of the "Pallida mors æquo pulsat pede," &c. of Horace, which a countryman of the poet is said to have less happily rendered "La pâle mort avec son pied de cheval," &c.
  • Christi, sive media Hyeme (am Anklopferleinstag), vulgus per vias et pagos currit malleisque pulsat fores et fenestras indesinenter clamans _Gutheyl!
  • Hellespontiaci ridetur forma Priapi, quod crudelis Eryx, quod semiuir Hermaphroditus. nec satis in uerbis. roseo Venus aurea serto maerentem pulsat puerum et grauiora pauentem.


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