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What is the meaning of pruriency in Hindi?

Meaning of pruriency in Hindi is :

Definition of word pruriency

  • prurience (noun)

Examples of word pruriency

  • The question is complicated among ourselves because established traditions of rigid concealment have fostered a pruriency which is an offensive insult to naked modesty.
  • For his fame he has to thank just those bestially sensuous pieces which first drew to him the attention of all the pruriency of America.
  • Before a fully conscious work of art, one feels something like the mixture of anxiety, detachment, pruriency, and relief that a physically sound person feels when he glimpses an amputee.
  • But where man is concerned these facts are so largely made to serve the purposes of pruriency, so exploited to inflame the imagination in an undesirable and directly harmful way that they can be approached only with the utmost caution.
  • By its suggestion of horror it provoked that hunger for details which, in its acute stage, becomes pruriency.
  • They expect incidents, and, finding none, they seek for pruriency.
  • There never was an age in which pruriency in any guise could cease to be indecent.
  • But this aspect was far more marked in neo-Kṛishṇaism, which often tends to intense pruriency, than in the other two cults.
  • The particular plays, though none are free from it, which most abound in this ribald fun -- for fun it always is, never mere pruriency for its own sake, Aristophanes has a deal of the old 'esprit gaulois' about him -- are the 'Peace' and, as might be expected from its theme, lending itself so readily to suggestive allusions and situations, above all the