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What is the meaning of prurience in Hindi?

Meaning of prurience in Hindi is : तीव्र अभिलाषा

Definition of word prurience

  • The quality of being prurient. (noun)

Examples of word prurience

  • As we might expect, prurience is to the fore; the report is quite graphic in its descriptions, so please exercise caution because it may be triggering
  • Fox News Porn is a collection of raunchy outtakes from the Fox "News" Network, where hypocritical prigs like Bill O'Reilly revel in prurience while condemning it.
  • David Aaronovitch: Our prurience is a disgrace, not the porn films
  • Besides this being a showing up of the critics' own prurience which is really just an ingrown Puritanism it's also a display of their literal-mindedness.
  • But it often leads to a kind of prurience as unpleasant as the obsession with sex of those who have never had sexual experience.
  • Though it may seem far-fetched this sunny Saturday morning, future historians could judge that the wives and girlfriends, so long the objects of prurience and mockery, were indirectly the catalyst of a significant realignment.
  • The expression on Rajbir's face, what Amrita can see through his beard, is one of gleeful prurience—Rajbir knows that after the number these women are his to do with as he pleases—Rajbir pleases much—he elongates the O in snOwing and blOwing to an uncomfortable degree and Amrita shivers in the dusty snow.