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What is the meaning of protection in Hindi?

Meaning of protection in Hindi is : स‌ंरक्षण

Definition of word protection

  • The process of keeping (something or someone) safe. (noun)

Examples of word protection

  • Strangers are astonished; but people who know something about the mental attitude of wild animals under protection know that it is the natural and inevitable result of _real protection_.
  • He has abdicated government He has abdicated government here, _withdrawing his here _by declaring us out governors and declaring us of his protection and waging out of his allegiance and war against us_. protection_.
  • I then rose from my knees, and placed myself under the protection of St. Magdalen and St. Peter by these words: "_Je me mets sous vôtre protection_" -- (I place myself under your protection;) and added, "_Sainte Marie, mère du bon pasteur, prie pour moi_" -- (Holy
  • No police protection ­,no fire protection­( (that's job cuts people) ,will that wake them up? maxfax: How many years of tax cuts and virtually no job creation does shoegirl 1 minute ago (11:53 AM) No public schools, no libraries.
  • Baron Charnace had inserted in the draft of the treaty the term protection as between France and Gustavus Adolphus.
  • Seniority rights are something all Americans should also share, after all, what other protection is there from discrimination?
  • An internally installed hard drive without password protection is more like the seat or the spare tire.
  • All we ask in exchange for our protection is a small tax.
  • By way of contrast, many people believe our long term protection is not in bliateral protection but with many countries that include the Americans.
  • While their numbers are few, the rebels have a secret weapon: under their protection is a pregnant immigrant by the name of Kee (Claire-Hope Ashitey), perhaps the only human female on the planet to have conceived in 18 years.