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What is the meaning of prosperity in Hindi?

Meaning of prosperity in Hindi is : सौभाग्य

Definition of word prosperity

  • The condition of being prosperous, of having good fortune (noun)

Examples of word prosperity

  • We see many levels of society, which reveals that the original patrons who commissioned these works, and who owed their prosperity to the maritime trades, wanted to document every social class that contributed to that ­prosperity. "
  • Too often the term prosperity gets hijacked to mean nothing more than an elusive state of temporary bliss and positive karma.
  • Right, the way you personally attain prosperity is not by getting 4.2% annual raises from your current employer but by getting a 30% raise offer from another employer that your current employer must match or lose you.
  • The small difference between the two is what we call prosperity.
  • He thinks that the best way to prosperity is to create massive deflation.
  • The Palestinians 'best route to prosperity is to join rather than replace Israel's stable system of government and robust economy.
  • If our prosperity is the main culprit in our epidemic of obesity - and most evidence suggests that it is - then our growing girth isn't necessarily a bad thing.