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What is the meaning of proscribed in Hindi?

Meaning of proscribed in Hindi is : वर्जित

Definition of word proscribed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of proscribe. (verb)

Examples of word proscribed

  • In particular, it is a matter of avoiding the use of certain proscribed words.
  • It shall be the duty of said Secretary to keep a book prepared for the purpose, with a caption importing that the owners of property whose names are undersigned, request that water may be introduced upon the premises mentioned opposite their respective names, upon the terms proscribed by this Ordinance.
  • The pious or personal animosity of Calvin proscribed in Servetus 35 the guilt of his own rebellion;
  • We know the books burned by Robespierre in the French Revolution and the interminable list of titles proscribed by the Inquisition's Index.
  • "NOTWITHSTANDING the cloud of danger which lowered on all his fair prospects — notwithstanding the misery his royal father struggled against in vain — while himself was pursued by party-malice, and his name proscribed through every country, CHARLES could not resist the impulse of a youthful soul, nor fight against a congenial temptation, though clad in the most repulsive garb.
  • And again they performed some tests which can verify even the presence of anything, traces of anything that could be called proscribed items.
  • Opposed to this pleasurable expectancy of the proscribed was the uneasiness and doubt of the respectable.
  • In all broad Scotland there was but the one name proscribed, and that was the name of the Macgregors.