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What is the meaning of prosciutto in Hindi?

Meaning of prosciutto in Hindi is : N/A

Definition of word prosciutto

  • An aged, dry-cured, spiced Italian ham that is usually sliced thin and served without cooking. (noun)

Examples of word prosciutto

  • The fourth course (out of nine!) was a scallop and Dungeness crab salad wrapped in prosciutto with lumpfish caviar and avocado.
  • This weekend Costco was selling flats of perfectly ripe figs. Yesterday I quartered and wrapped them in prosciutto for a quick, easy, and addictively good appetizer.
  • The soccer heartthrob, who has been in the country since January, has been spotted chewing the prosciutto, the Italian word for ham, on several occasions after being introduced to it by manager Carlo Ancelotti, reports the China Daily.
  • The prosciutto is from Italy (I agree with what Hajime said – “I don’t even know if it’s sustainable or not, actually, but it tastes good.”)
  • "Please no more apps," Ms. Cameron Bure told a cater waiter who was carrying melon wrapped in prosciutto.

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