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What is the meaning of pros and cons in Hindi?

Meaning of pros and cons in Hindi is :

Definition of word pros and cons

  • The positive and negative attributes or arguments. (noun)

Examples of word pros and cons

  • A gentleman who is an acknowledged authority on illustration, in lecturing to a class of art students on the pros and cons of working for reproduction, said that to be a successful illustrator one must have, among other qualities, "ingenuity and invention."
  • I. presented to him the various pros and cons of a trust such as he envisaged, and I reminded him that a small legacy to Mrs Doyle, in whose house he had lived for so many years, might not be out of place provided that he was still living with them at the time of his death.
  • With all of its wares on the table, including non-Cisco products, the company held candid discussions of the pros and cons of each and let customers make up their own minds.
  • Then Inspector Wheeler and Montfaron started to argue the pros and cons of living in a time when everyone was ignorant of world events, as opposed to living in the twenty-first century, when news traveled around the planet at the speed of light.

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