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What is the meaning of prolong in Hindi?

Meaning of prolong in Hindi is : समय बढ़ाना

Definition of word prolong

  • To extend in space or length. (verb)

Examples of word prolong

  • The word prolong means "to lengthen or extend in time or space."
  • In addition to these social and economic difficulties, El Salvador alsofaces the problem of being "mexicanized," that is, a prolong assaultbya bloodthirsty alliance of the dope-dealing and human smuggling lumpen class with theelements of the localbourgeoisie and withUS imperialists to wreak havoc and carnage on society with the ultimate end of the seizure of state power for a death squadregime similar to theonethat rules Colombia.
  • But for the president to kind of prolong the issue in the way that he did was, I think, a rare misstep and a lack of discipline on his part.
  • And I would argue that although reporters love to cover politics and we'll see more of it, that the press is allowing the White House to kind of prolong the war crisis atmosphere.
  • We hear about men finishing too soon, etc. and about men wanting to "prolong" it.
  • "There were some who wanted to 'prolong' the process to give long-shot candidates a chance at getting the nomination," said Anuzis.
  • The trick is to, so to speak, "prolong" eternity on this plane.