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What is the meaning of profound in Hindi?

Meaning of profound in Hindi is : समुद्र

Definition of word profound

  • Descending far below the surface; opening or reaching to a great depth; deep. (adjective)
    सतह से बहुत नीचे उतरना; बड़ी गहराई तक खुलना या पहुंचना; गहरा।
  • The deep; the sea; the ocean. (noun)
    गहरा; ये ए; महासागर।
  • To cause to sink deeply; to cause to dive or penetrate far down. (verb)
    गहराई से डूबने का कारण; गोता लगाने या बहुत नीचे घुसने का कारण।

Examples of word profound

  • In the introduction to Yale University Press's catalog of the show, the Whitney's director Adam Weinberg identifies what he calls a "profound sense of pathos" in Ms. Levine's work.
  • A key to this social transformation is in how we look at vulnerability, which I define as a profound openness.
  • When the patient has been cooled to what we call profound hypothermia, the bypass machine is turned off for the duration of circulatory arrest.
  • The review says when it comes to planning evacuations like the one you see here, there is what they call profound concern.
  • Well, it ` s not too much to think that a father could do this to his wife and daughter because he had what we call a profound detachment disorder.
  • "To Morgan, what matters are not the delays in her dream of space, but the lessons others can draw from her story: the importance of setting goals and persevering, as well as what she calls a profound need to teach young people about the universe and excite enough of them to make it a career."
  • President Barack Obama is praising what he calls the "profound" relationship between the United States and Honduras.
  • Kenneth Ramseur, blasted what he called the "profound audacity" of the cop's suit.
  • The Pulitzer Prize jury in 2008 awarded him a special citation for what they called his profound impact on popular music and American culture.
  • Mary Robinson, a former president of Ireland, detects glimmers of hope in eastern Congo and what she calls a profound change of mood in the relationship between Joseph Kabila and Paul Kagame, the presidents of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda respectively.