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What is the meaning of productive in Hindi?

Meaning of productive in Hindi is : लाभकारी

Definition of word productive

  • Capable of producing something, especially in abundance; fertile (adjective)
    कुछ उत्पादन करने में सक्षम, विशेष रूप से बहुतायत में; उपजाऊ

Examples of word productive

  • But I think an educated public realizing that they can effectively "vote" with their dollars for which businesses/authors remain productive is probably a good thing.
  • I think the word productive is highly deceptive and mis-leading.
  • She said she believed her counterparts "understand the gravity of this situation", citing what she called productive and detailed conversations.
  • Martin O'Malley on Tuesday used the first in a series of planed bill-signing ceremonies to tout what he characterized as a productive 90-day legislative session, despite tough budgetary times.
  • She worked half days in the kitchen (which she defined as productive labor) and half days on her writing, Hebrew (which she never mastered), and knitting.
  • And what I define as productive inter-faith dialogue is not an attempt to negotiate a position that nobody recognizes as their own, but to understand where each person's coming from, to be open to the possibility that you might emerge from the dialogue knowing more about God than when you started.
  • Creeping round in the dead of night outing "pathetic little men" like me is what you call productive is it?
  • Maybe we'll get a little chance to beat you up later, especially if your little talk with the boss ain't what they call productive of results.
  • Because the ability of mankind, to develop technologies, what we call productive technologies, agriculture and industry, depends upon the development of infrastructure, as properly defined.
  • This is what I call productive outing because we did not focus only on boring politics, mundane issues that mainstream media doesn't care and other big stuffs, we also zoom our cameras into laksa soup, Hokkien mee soup, loh bak boiling oil, blended nutmeg juice, tempek and etc.