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What is the meaning of prior in Hindi?

Meaning of prior in Hindi is : सहायक मठाधीश

Definition of word prior

  • Of that which comes before, in advance. (adjective)
  • former, previous (adjective)
  • Previously. (adverb)
  • A high-ranking member of a monastery, usually lower in rank than an abbot. (noun)

Examples of word prior

  • The term 'prior express consent' means the oral or written approval of a person...
  • Nobody had used the term prior to that apart from the Romans who invented it 2000 years earlier.
  • The prior bore the title prior ecclesia S. Maria de Metro.
  • With the Cluniac reform the term prior received a specific meaning; it supplanted the provost
  • In the Rule of St. Benedict the term prior occurs several times, but does does not signify any particular superior; it is indiscriminately applied to any superior, be he abbot, provost, dean, etc.


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