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What is the meaning of prickly in Hindi?

Meaning of prickly in Hindi is : सनसनाहटवाल

Definition of word prickly

  • Covered with sharp points. (adjective)
  • Easily irritated. (adjective)

Examples of word prickly

  • Oh, I know it now; it is what they call the prickly pear in the West Indies.
  • Luckily, Mary finds an unlikely champion in prickly Elizabeth Philpot, a recent exile from London, who also loves scouring the beaches.
  • Last week, coming into Morgan's room, staring at her for a full minute in prickly silence.
  • One of these, the species of cactus known as the prickly pear, the Queenslander has pretty nearly all to himself.
  • Day suggested the response was not unusual for Cima, whom he described as "prickly, unnecessarily challenging and confrontational" to colleagues over the years.


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