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What is the meaning of pricklier in Hindi?

Meaning of pricklier in Hindi is :

Definition of word pricklier

  • comparative form of prickly: more prickly (adjective)

Examples of word pricklier

  • The debate's exchanges at Drake University were a bit sharper and pricklier than in this year's previous Republican debates.
  • Metzenbaum, a pricklier personality in a pricklier time, is unlikely to enjoy a similar honor.
  • On the pricklier side, some in Germany suspect that, in an effort to highlight his recent push for a refocusing of U.S. energies away from Iraq and onto Afghanistan, he may call for increased German support there.
  • Over Fate of Georgia, Provinces With Russian forces appearing to hunker down in Georgia, U.S. and European officials now face a pricklier challenge: Moscow's insistence that it has the right to help break up the country.
  • But maybe the press corps is pricklier than I thought -- check out this second ever "Obama Pool Report," filed by The Sun-Times' Lynn Sweet:


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