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What is the meaning of price in Hindi?

Meaning of price in Hindi is : लाभांश

Definition of word price

  • The cost required to gain possession of something. (noun)
  • The cost of an action or deed. (noun)
  • To determine the monetary value of (an item), to put a price on. (verb)
  • To pay the price of, to make reparation for. (verb)
  • To set a price on; to value; to prize. (verb)
  • To ask the price of. (verb)

Examples of word price

  • I'm goin 'to sell him for the high dollah, an' the man who gets him at any price ... _you hear me -- at any price_! ... is goin 'to have the laugh on the rest of you fellahs!
  • Given ( "Product $productName at $price") do | productName, price | @product =
  • Then ( "the price should be $price") do | price | @order.
  • Given ( "Product $productName at $price") do | productName, price | pending "Need to complete implementation for accessing C# object" end RSpec will perform string manipulation, allowing you to use placeholders in your step, with the placeholder value being set as a variable to the step.
  • However, reflecting on the issue soon raised a related question: just how much difference in price is there between on-departure duty free stores in Australia and the ones that lurk just before immigration when you land?


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