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What is the meaning of previous in Hindi?

Meaning of previous in Hindi is : पूर्ववर्ती

Definition of word previous

  • prior; occurring before something else, either in time or order. (adjective)
  • premature; occurring too soon. (adjective)
  • An existing criminal record (noun)

Examples of word previous

  • Both of them have had a long association with Milton Colin had served previously on council in the term previous to the last one.
  • At the announcement that Captain Mapes Dale, who was the military instructor at Colby Hall, was approaching, the boys who had attended the academy the term previous fell back in alarm.
  • This may be wondered at, but the fact of the matter was that Sam, by hard work the term previous, had caught up to Tom, while Dick, because of being away on some business for his father at various times, had dropped a little behind.
  • Previous year: The term previous year means the income earned during the previous year, which is to be assessed to tax in the assessment year.
  • From what you described as your previous open-mindedness and your status as someone "hot," I would assume that that you did not cancel the date because there is a possibility that this assignation would not become a relationship.


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