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What is the meaning of prevalent in Hindi?

Meaning of prevalent in Hindi is : संप्रभाव

Definition of word prevalent

  • Widespread or preferred. (adjective)
  • Superior or dominant. (adjective)

Examples of word prevalent

    • “Complementary” is a term prevalent in England, and carries the implication that unconventional therapies can coexist side by side with mainstream medicine.
    • The most prevalent is the "thought, word, and deed" motif, but I've also found what appear to be alliterating triads (of anatomical features, interestingly) in at least one OE prayer.
    • How prevalent is social media (social networking sites, blogs, etc.)?
    • However, one question that has become increasingly prevalent is whether the impending release of Grand Theft Auto IV (on April 29th), the fourth edition of Rockstar's incredibly successful hyper-violent game franchise, will have an impact on the performance of Iron Man (out in theaters on May 2nd).
    • When I used the word prevalent, I was using it to say that racism, as something that could possibly be quantified, is, in my experience, at similar levels than it has been over the last few decades.


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