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What is the meaning of present in Hindi?

Meaning of present in Hindi is : हाजिर

Definition of word present

  • Relating to now, for the time being; current. (adjective)
    फिलहाल के संबंध में; वर्तमान।
  • The current moment or period of time. (noun)
    वर्तमान क्षण या समय की अवधि।
  • To reveal, to show. (verb)
    प्रकट करना, दिखाना।

Examples of word present

  • [Footnote: If the present ends in _e_, the _e_ is dropped when _ed_ is added; as, lov_e_, lov_ed_; believ_e_, believ_ed_.] +An _Irregular Verb_ is one that does not form its past tense and past participle by adding _ed_ to the present+.
  • The pronoun _I_ should always be capitalized, and should, when used as part of a compound subject, be placed second; as, _James and I were present, not I and James were present_.
  • + -- _He promised me a present = A present was promised me_ (regular) = _I was promised a present_ (idiomatic).
  • "Well," she said, "that's all -- at present"; it had suddenly occurred to her that apprehension was a good thing; "_at present_," she repeated darkly; "and Blair, remember; thieves go to hell."
  • All that you mean to say, therefore, is that the present state of the system is defined by equations into which differential coefficients enter, such as _ds_ | _dt_, _dv_ | _dt_, that is to say, at bottom, _present_ velocities and _present_ accelerations.
  • The principal parts of the Latin verb are the _first person singular of the present indicative_, the _present infinitive_, the _first person singular of the perfect indicative_, and _the perfect passive participle.
  • From the present stem are formed the _present_, _imperfect_, and
  • He rightly thinks that the weakness of our _present_ units is _the_ real weakness: he thinks we are far more in need of drafts than of fresh units; he suggests that a rider be sent now to insist that the estimates in yesterday's cable were only made on the assumption that my present force is kept up to strength.