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What is the meaning of preparatory in Hindi?

Meaning of preparatory in Hindi is : सज्जाकारी

Definition of word preparatory

  • of or pertaining to preparation, having the purpose of making something or someone ready, preparative (adjective)

Examples of word preparatory

  • What I say is there was a plan that General Franks drafted of $700 million, a project, what they called preparatory tasks, to be taken in Kuwait, in countries in the Middle East, that would put him in a better position if there was war.
  • (which they call the preparatory), and being cold by being forced to sit with my hat off close to a window in the Hall, Sir W. Pen and I to the
  • Tuesday's meeting between Nirupama Rao and her Pakistani counterpart Salman Bashir was described as preparatory.
  • The testimonials from the Rabin preparatory course have a similar feel: soldiers talking about their war experiences - what they saw, what they heard, what they felt good about, what they didn't feel good about.
  • When I do see them, it will be the full effect, all at once, rather than in preparatory stages.


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