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What is the meaning of prep in Hindi?

Meaning of prep in Hindi is : शल्यचिकित्सा के लिये तैयार करना

Definition of word prep

  • Preparation. (noun)
  • To prepare. (verb)

Examples of word prep

    • So I guessed that he was remembering that his sons had read it in prep school.
    • He said the one that did impress me when I was in prep school was "Catcher in the Rye," which was not published ...
    • No amount of pagent prep is going to get her ready to step into a role she will tire of and QUIT half way thru.
    • SAT prep is like sex education; it doesn't make you any better at it.
    • I just wonder if James Franco isn't doing this soap acting job in prep for another acting job.