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What is the meaning of preliminary in Hindi?

Meaning of preliminary in Hindi is : प्रारंभिक दौर

Definition of word preliminary

  • in preparation for the main matter; initial, introductory, preparatory (adjective)
  • A preparation for a main matter; an introduction (noun)
  • Any of a series of sports events that determine the finalists (noun)
  • A relatively minor contest that precedes a major one, especially in boxing (noun)

Examples of word preliminary

  • "This smells to high holy heaven, because when you look at the Illinois report, nowhere was the word preliminary ever used," Weiss said, noting that the fusion center - which is composed of Illinois state police, as well as representatives from the FBI and DHS - distributed the report to other critical infrastructure facilities in that state.
  • White House Press Secretary Tony Snow told reporters earlier this morning that there haven't been any run-throughs just yet, but certainly the president has had time to review what he called preliminary drafts.
  • FEMA has mobilized what they call preliminary disaster assessment teams, those who are going down to Florida from places like Georgia.
  • It looks like -- the FBI, they have what they call a preliminary inquiry open right now.
  • Certainly, if the charges are confirmed, there will have to be what we call preliminary issues discussed, but certainly it goes without saying that all those that are involved in the trial process must attend the client and accept instructions.


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