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What is the meaning of preferred in Hindi?

Meaning of preferred in Hindi is : वरीयता प्राप्त

Definition of word preferred

  • Simple past tense and past participle of prefer. (verb)
  • favoured (adjective)
  • Preferred stock. (noun)

Examples of word preferred

  • It really gave one quite a shock to realise _how_ grown-up the old companions had become even the brothers Harry and Russell were transformed into tall striplings who bought newspapers on their own account, and preferred, actually _preferred_, to be clean rather than dirty!
  • Eviscerate is the term preferred by feminists and other right-minded people to emasculate, as it is gender neutral and has the added advantage of not insulting those of us who are non-masculine by nature.
  • She also referred to the South China Sea as the West Philippine Sea, a term preferred in the Philippines but reviled in China.
  • In his 2009 greeting, he became the first U.S. President to refer to the "Islamic Republic of Iran," the name preferred by the country's ruling clerics.
  • Similarly, “negro”, the term preferred by Martin Luther King and Thurgood Marshall, probably fell out of favor because of its superficial similarity to the n-word just like “niggardly”.
  • Even if I thought that I had some moral or good manners responsibility to use the label preferred by a strong majority of the group, I see no basis for accepting such a responsibility to use the label preferred by a vocal minority, or even half of thegroup.
  • Mysteries abound, in large part because Cassandra's inherited skill as a dowser the term preferred by those who discover objects with the help of a Y-shaped divining rod helps her uncover truths others would rather keep buried.