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What is the meaning of preferable in Hindi?

Meaning of preferable in Hindi is : श्रेयस्कर

Definition of word preferable

  • Better than some other option; preferred. (adjective)

Examples of word preferable

  • Wednesday was never to come, and yet it did come, and what is more, it is perfectly clear, both from its tone and handwriting, that you were much happier, or, if you think the term preferable, less miserable, when you wrote it than when you wrote the last one before.
  • His younger brother, the count of Penthiev had left only one daughter, whom the duke deemed his heir; and as his family had inherited the duchy by a female succession, he thought her title preferable to that of the count of
  • For to what else was owing our ruinous war of the Two Roses than to an original demur in our courts of law whether the descendant of an elder son through the female line had a title preferable or inferior to that of a descendant in the male line from a son confessedly _junior_?
  • Optional but preferable is access to refreshments (e.g. in a coffee shop).
  • One major component of the 2011 route that Vande Velde finds preferable is the eight flat stages over the first 11 days of racing.
  • Even if the synthetic price is many times that of the natural product, it still will be preferable from a national gain point of view.
  • I could draw the comparison between our situations & point out how preferable is yours. consider them yourself. you have the affection of a deserving object. nothing but her becoming worthless can deprive you of it.
  • The only reason I can see why a 5.1 Surround sound track might have been preferable is the accentuate the show’s excellent soundtrack.
  • Given these issues, it is useful to understand why a serverless architecture is preferable or in other words, whether centralized servers are inherently evil.
  • We now have three quarters of the welfare population of this country participating in some fashion in these experiments, and that is one way to reform welfare as we know it if we can't get what would be preferable, which is a national welfare reform bill.