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What is the meaning of predictable in Hindi?

Meaning of predictable in Hindi is : पूर्वानुमेय होने के कारण नीरस
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Definition of word predictable

  • Able to be predicted. (adjective)

Examples of word predictable

  • I don't know what definition of "predictable" they've encountered, but in the one I know, "predictable" is what you were expecting and, when you don't get it, that's "unpredictable".
  • There is complete doubt, and your continuing efforts to spread debunked lies and disinformation is predictable from a fascist brownshirt retard.
  • My HMO wants me to have a physical every year -- what you call a predictable expense -- because it increases the odds that it will catch an illness early when it is much less expensive to treat.
  • The larger the number, the more predictable is the future.
  • Less predictable is his ultimate position, which could be first or second base or center or left field.

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