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What is the meaning of precedent in Hindi?

Meaning of precedent in Hindi is : मिसाल

Definition of word precedent

  • An act in the past which may be used as an example to help decide the outcome of similar instances in the future. (noun)
  • A decided case which is cited or used as an example to justify a judgment in a subsequent case. (noun)
  • The aforementioned (thing). (noun)
  • The previous version. (noun)
  • Happening or taking place earlier in time; previous or preceding. (adjective)
  • To provide precedents for. (verb)
  • To be a precedent for. (verb)

Examples of word precedent

  • But surely to Justice Breyer, and Souter and Ginsburg, who joined him, the precedent is the substance:
  • Saying that this won't be a precedent is a little like the Supreme Court in Bush v. Gore saying that its decision was limited to the specific facts of that case.
  • I think it makes much more sense to say that a precedent is being “applied” when there is no relevant difference that makes the rule of law announced in the precedent inapplicable.
  • If judges find this argument (in the greatly eleborated form that will eventually be presented to the courts) to be persuasive, then the Supreme Court precedent is very clear.
  • Supreme Court precedent is actually pretty clear, even in the Nevada case, the cops needed at least an reasonable pretext for asking for ID.


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