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What is the meaning of potion in Hindi?

Meaning of potion in Hindi is : शरबत

Definition of word potion

  • A small portion or dose of a liquid which is medicinal, poisonous, or magical. (noun)
  • To drug. (verb)

Examples of word potion

    • If I win, I would love to have the Travel Pooch III in potion purple.
    • Karason does not believe drinking the potion is what caused his discoloration.
    • Interestingly, the potion is gone, but there is a significant mention of Isolde's facility with potions, making me wonder if an earlier version of the script didn't retain the potion.
    • In any case, the potion is gone, but by establishing firmly King Mark's love for both Tristan and Isolde, the movie gets beyond the typical childishness.
    • The temporary love potion is also my favored McGuffin.


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