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What is the meaning of pornstar in Hindi?

Meaning of pornstar in Hindi is :

Definition of word pornstar

  • Alternative spelling of porn star. (noun)

Examples of word pornstar

  • Mutant Jenna pictured, right– the artist formerly known as pornstar Jenna Jameson– appears to have gone too far with her love of plastic surgery.
  • As far as guys are concerned, sadly, it is true that most of them want a 'pornstar' soulmate.
  • I suppose I've felt for sometime that I'm better suited to do other things in life outside of being a "pornstar", but this was the push I needed to, at least for now, close that portion of my life (accept for via my MonicaF. com webcam shows and silly little online talkshows of course).
  • "pornstar" was literally the part that brings, or at least should bring, that "star" part back to Earth.
  • Can't romance lie somewhere between June Cleaver and two pornstar girlfriends?


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