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What is the meaning of pomegranate in Hindi?

Meaning of pomegranate in Hindi is : अनार
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Definition of word pomegranate

  • A deciduous shrub or small tree (Punica granatum) native to Asia and widely cultivated for its edible fruit. (noun)
  • The fruit of this tree, having a tough reddish rind, and containing many seeds, each enclosed in a juicy, mildly acidic, red pulp. (noun)

Examples of word pomegranate

  • Auberville, in his magnificent work "L'Ornement des Tissus," is astonished to find the term pomegranate-pattern almost confined to these forms, since their central part is generally formed of a thistle-form.
  • And in case you want to wow your friends with your vast knowledge of useless information …. the word pomegranate comes from the latin word “pomum” (meaning apple) and “granatus” (meaning seeded).
  • The pomegranate is made with a white chocolate base flavored - and tinted - with real pomegranate juice.
  • A small state that looks like the inside of a pomegranate is not doable.
  • Now-trendy-to-eat pomegranate is the other, joining honey lemon, cherry and honey ($2.79 per 3. 5-ounce bag).

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