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What is the meaning of pomace in Hindi?

Meaning of pomace in Hindi is : फलमेष

Definition of word pomace

  • the pulp that remains after a fruit has been pressed to extract the juice (or a nut etc has been pressed to extract the oil) (noun)

Examples of word pomace

  • European standards (usually followed internationally) stipulate that the fruit used for pressing into EVOO exhibit an acidity level below 0.8%, as compared to the 2% allowed for merely virgin oil, with higher levels permitted for cruder grades such as so-called pomace oil which is often used in restaurants.
  • I accidentally bought something called pomace olive oil, which tasted horrible.
  • Wine makers now can siphon the wine from one barrel to the next in order to leave the solids, called pomace, in the bottom of the fermenting tank.
  • The pomace which is what you call crushed apples fell into a slatted tub and, when the tub was full, a wooden disc was set on top of the pomace.
  • She sometimes watched her father as he scratted apples in the granite mill, made the pomace, pressed the cheese between folds of canvas.


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