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What is the meaning of politico in Hindi?

Meaning of politico in Hindi is :

Definition of word politico

  • A politician. (noun)

Examples of word politico

  • The point is, the politico is almost surely intentionally lowballing the number.
  • I think it's more like the politico is traumatized that they are getting a response from the voters, and a big response as it is.
  • The Middle Eastern region itself is, by general consent, a vital one in politico-strategic terms by its position astride three continents, its control of narrow seas, and the great trunk routes used by peoples and armies throughout history (routes and sea-lanes which, incidentally link the Eastern and Western members of our own Commonwealth of Nations) and its ports and pipelines and air-fields.
  • The only coincidence is the word "politico" - again, a term found in the dictionary.
  • There are a lot of definitions that fit, but here’s one that seems to work well: A politico is a participant in and/or an especially avid devotee of the theater of politics.
  • Quoting politico is like using rasmussen’s surveys, both admit to leaning right.
  • Being replaced by a politico was a personal humiliation, as was learning about it from a newspaper.
  • Especially if the politico is a man; especially if the issue is sex; especially if, as Abbott freely acknowledges, he has not always lived up to his own standard; and most especially if he happens, like Abbott, to be a practising Catholic.
  • Islam must be identified as a politico-religious movement intent on conquering Western institutions and installing itself as a theocratic Caliphate. attacks on freedom of speech, insistence on special treatment, attempts to establish Sharia courts, etc. - must come up against stone walls of opposition.
  • He's not my kind of politico, but Norman Tebbit comes across pretty well as the FT's latest lunch date.