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What is the meaning of plenary in Hindi?

Meaning of plenary in Hindi is : सर्वांगीण

Definition of word plenary

  • Fully attended; for everyone's attendance. (adjective)
  • Complete; full; entire; absolute. (adjective)
  • plenary session (noun)

Examples of word plenary

  • Later usage has restricted the term plenary to those councils which are presided over by a delegate of the Apostolic See, who has received special power for that purpose, and which are attended by all the metropolitans and bishops of some commonwealth, empire, or kingdom, or by their duly accredited representatives.
  • ` ` This is not what you call a plenary meeting, but both sides are anxious to sign the deal as soon as possible, '' Clark said.
  • Speeches in plenary - this is potentially a bit misleading since the real arguments happen behind the scenes in the committee meetings, which although public events are not recorded with the same degree of completeness as the plenary sessions.
  • (EPP-ED) (UUP) Questions asked: 214 41 42 Motions Proposed 0 9 8 Reports drafted 0 1 2 Speeches in plenary 314 118 122 Written Declarations 3 0 4
  • The Assembly voted in plenary in favour of adopting a statutory language scheme.


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