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What is the meaning of pleasant in Hindi?

Meaning of pleasant in Hindi is : हँसमुख

Definition of word pleasant

  • Giving pleasure; pleasing in manner. (adjective)
    सुख देना; ढंग से मनभावन।
  • A wit; a humorist; a buffoon. (noun)
    एक बुद्धि; एक ठिठोलिया; एक भैंसा।

Examples of word pleasant

    • She ran lightly up-stairs, and springing into her nurse's arms, exclaimed, "O mammy, mammy! what a pleasant, _pleasant_ day I have had!
    • To make thy riches pleasant] [W: nor bounty] I am inclined to believe, that neither man nor woman will have much difficulty to tell how _beauty makes riches pleasant_.
    • His eyes were a very, very light gray, his expression pleasant; despite his elegant, expensive-looking clothes, it was easy to imagine him on the deck of a ship, peering keenly into the distance.
    • The sheriff said something to the deputy, his expression pleasant, unhurried.
    • Around Pleasant Springs, Wisconsin not exactly what you call a pleasant sight.
    • He stared right back, trying to keep his expression pleasant.
    • It concerns us therefore to consider in time that he that tempts us will accuse us, and what he calls pleasant now he shall then say was nothing, and all the gains that now invite earthly souls and mean persons to vanity, was nothing but the seeds of folly, and the harvest in pain and sorrow and shame eternal.
    • "Right there, facing us at the other side, is what I call a pleasant magazine -- it has lots of pictures, for see, it's pressed up to the window wide open, and it's called _The Joy-bell_ -- I'm a great deal more taken with that sound than with the sound of _The Downfall_."