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What is the meaning of playwright in Hindi?

Meaning of playwright in Hindi is : नाटककार

Definition of word playwright

  • A writer and creator of theatrical plays. (noun)
    एक लेखक और नाट्य नाटकों के निर्माता।

Examples of word playwright

  • The playwright is clearly striving for Dennis Potter style moments of rapture; sadly he achieves only a bizarre and unintentional effect of Pinteresque non sequitur.
  • Blame my theatrical background -- we were taught to read plays in part, at least, in the context of what the playwright is trying to say.
  • Each playwright is paired with a mentor and director, many of whom have experience in the theatrical or film and television industries.
  • John Kani, a Tony Award-winning actor and playwright, is the storyteller.
  • Ludwig's show-biz success has always prompted people to ask why he hasn't moved to New York, but the more interesting question may be why someone who saw himself as a playwright from the age of 6 never saw himself living the fantasy Manhattan penthouse life.
  • This Irish-born actor, director, and playwright is best known for his adaptations of Shakespearian plays.
  • This Scottish writer and playwright is probably best known by children around the world as the creator of Peter Pan and Neverland.