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What is the meaning of plan in Hindi?

Meaning of plan in Hindi is : व्यवस्था

Definition of word plan

  • A drawing showing technical details of a building, machine, etc., with unwanted details omitted, and often using symbols rather than detailed drawing to represent doors, valves, etc. (noun)
  • To design (a building, machine, etc.) (verb)

Examples of word plan

    • _ "Not content with this, Dr. Worcester gives it once more under PLAN:" L. _planus_, flat; It. _piano_, a plan; Sp. _piano; _ Fr. _plan.
    • But it will take a further step in advance when it reverts to that plan on the footing above indicated; when it adopts the _plan_ without the evils which in an ignorant and undeveloped age necessarily accompanied it.
    • But as it was intended to be a poem on _Ariosto's plan, _ that _is_ to _say_ on _no plan_ at all, and, as is usual in similar cases, having a predilection for the worst passages, I shall retain those parts, though I cannot venture to defend them.
    • Let me know if you plan to be there livechina United Mines, Inc. Board Hires Exclusive Representative for Greater China and ... richardcolback #plan 2010 Wilbur K.
    • The alliance and others are also lobbying the City Council to confirm the building as a landmark and supporters of the designation plan to turn out in large numbers at Thursday's meeting of the landmarks subcommittee.
    • But the general thrust of the McCain plan is one that he championed before he became an Obama staffer, now his job is to criticize that very plan.
    • The McCain plan is that as you make more we will cut your taxes more - which is always the Republican plan but sometimes they are not as open about it.
    • The main plan is to do something I continue to love, but these will also be available when done in large print form, small print form, and the best news, book form.
    • A top economic advisor said that the Clinton and McCain plan is ludacris.