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What is the meaning of placement in Hindi?

Meaning of placement in Hindi is : स्थापन

Definition of word placement

  • The act of placing or putting in place; the act of locating or positioning; the state of being placed. (noun)

Examples of word placement

  • For me at least, the responsibility for their placement is a heavy one.
  • Wouldn't be my choice of rifle for deer ... but it just goes to show what good shot placement is all about.
  • Shot placement is far more important than bullet size.
  • Shot placement is vital to a clean kill, but sometimes, the animal will just run on stored energy a short distance.
  • I forgot Arrow placement is the most critical part of the entire equation.
  • As with anything else shot placement is the main thing.
  • Coming from someone who works in advertising, product placement is worked into shows more and more because of the impact that DVRs are having on commercials.