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What is the meaning of pillaging in Hindi?

Meaning of pillaging in Hindi is : लूट मार

Definition of word pillaging

  • Present participle of pillage. (verb)

Examples of word pillaging

  • This pillaging is taking place against the backdrop of an ever-increasing racial/economic divide.
  • What's a decline in pillaging-proficiency and a history of being a tad taken-advantage-of when, on the whole, modern man has it so good?
  • Since 1589, predatory behavior has been characterized by pillaging, plundering and robbery.
  • But, with that audacity which seems to be the common characteristic of Transatlantic Republics, Mexican Governments of every party have been foremost in pillaging, insulting, threatening, and even taking the lives of foreign residents.
  • They undertook to besiege the rebels of Adrianople; and such was the pious tendency of the crusades that they employed the holy week in pillaging the country for their subsistence, and in framing engines for the destruction of their fellow —
  • Elizabeth Warren, chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel, together with an unfortunately short list of advocacy groups and elected officials is working hard to protect us and put an end to what can only be described as the pillaging of American working families.