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What is the meaning of piggyback in Hindi?

Meaning of piggyback in Hindi is : पीठ पर सवारी

Definition of word piggyback

  • On somebody's back or shoulders. (adjective)
  • On somebody's back or shoulders. (adverb)

Examples of word piggyback

    • Some terms piggyback off of older technologies, some re-define pre-existing words.
    • Such projects, called piggyback or hosted payloads, have been gaining prominence as a relatively fast and inexpensive way to meet fast-growing demands for bandwidth from the Pentagon and other U.S. and foreign governmental agencies.
    • Others flocked to so-called piggyback loans, which allowed them to finance as much as 100% of a home's value by combining a mortgage with a home-equity loan.
    • The so-called piggyback loans are the riskiest of this home-equity debt.
    • Or you can take out a second loan, known as a piggyback, with a higher rate.
    • Ms. Costa also maintains that no one ever explained to her that she was actually signing on to two loans to cover 100% of the home price: a $570,400 primary mortgage and a $142,600 so-called piggyback loan for the remaining 20% of the house's price.
    • Closed-end second-lien mortgage loans, or so-called piggyback loans, allow buyers to entirely fund the purchase of a home without putting any of their money down.
    • During the peak of the housing boom, many borrowers got around this requirement by taking out a so-called piggyback mortgage, which combined a mortgage with a home-equity loan or line of credit.
    • "A mechanical left ventricular assist device LVAD, which would replace the function of his left heart and allow him to then go on to a standard heart transplant in a few months; or the so called "piggyback" transplant, which replaces the patient's left heart and allows the patient's right heart to continue the right-sided pumping through the lungs," Copeland said.
    • In this speech he also praised piggyback mortgages and HELOCs [home equity lines of credit] used as piggyback loans: "Highly leveraged home purchasers tend to use so-called piggyback mortgages; that is, second liens originated at the time of purchase."